Cloud Migrations

Cloud Migrations

While running your own hardware may be beneficial in certain scenarios, most businesses are much better off utilizing public clouds to run their technology stacks. Running your own hardware begets you many potential problems:

Difficult if not impossible to get to the same level of high availability as the cloud.

On-Premise Infrastructure is expensive to properly maintain and keep in support with vendors, with most organizations running End of Life hardware with outdated firmware and no support.

You require dedicated system administrators that cost a significant amount of money.

Lacks quick scalability, whether up or down. If you are running at close to 100% utilization on your stack you cannot scale quickly enough to handle your load and are in threat of system failures.

If you hire the wrong cloud migration companies, you could have significant business impact. This could lead to extended cutover downtime, data differentials, and failed migration plans costing your organization more money and potentially loss of business.

Our experience has significant depth, having helped with Mergers and Acquisitions of companies we have successfully migrated many unique and large scale platforms from On-Premise to the Cloud. These are never a one-size fits all solution and requires a lot of out of the box thinking in order to successfully hit the finish line. Our process allows us to be flexible and creative in order to solve all the challenges one could face during these initiatives.on

You only pay for what you use and don’t have to buy infrastructure to account for potential growth in the future.

You don’t need dedicated system administrators to maintain and troubleshoot issues in your server stack.

With the cloud you can scale up and down, reducing your cost over time by rightsizing your usage with your capacity.

Provide on going support and maintenance to keep your application running after you migrate to the cloud.

Improving architecture to have your systems work optimally in the cloud and right-sized for cost efficiency without sacrificing performance and reliability.

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