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At Zero Ramp Up, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service and support. We guarantee business continuity no matter the situation, ensuring that your business can operate smoothly and efficiently without data loss.


Zero RampUp Technologies was formed in 2019 by Jeff O’Toole and Taylor Christie on the premise of a simple question. How can businesses just focus on what their good at, and not get lost in the technological complexities required to grow a business in the modern era?

Once we knew we wanted to build this business, we began our journey. We realized there are a lot of challenges that any business faces before opening their front doors. We designed our solutions to these challenges in a way that other companies could also leverage them to reduce their ramp up time and stay focused on their core business.

Along the way we still had one fundamental question on our minds: How can we provide a solution that enables our customers to quickly get their businesses up and running with little effort. Hence how do we “Ramp Up” their business and deliver “Zero” downtime solutions.


Through the journey of ramping up our business we realized there are common problems all business face from a technological aspect. Some of these problems are simple:

  • Web Hosting

  • Application Hosting

  • Email Hosting and Management

Other issues a companies face typically are only realized at scale or when a crisis arises

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Backup Management

  • Business Continuity

  • Compliance

We’ve built an ecosystem that scales with the business. Starting out, you don’t need highly available websites and a recovery point objective of 15 minutes – you just need basic business solutions that work. As you grow though, you incur more risk of these basic business solutions failing. It only takes one devastating failure for a business to rapidly adjust their priority on backups, disaster recovery, and highly available solutions. Unfortunately most companies experience this devastation in the form of lost business, frustrated customers, irrecoverable data loss, and litigation. Our solutions builds in these needs from the start, and allow you scale your needs as your business scales. While at the same time, protecting your business from these devastating scenarios.


Whether your a new or a well established business these issues could come up at any time. Regardless of your situation or circumstance our solutions provide businesses with immediate value and peace of mind. While simplifying your operations and reducing your bottom line.


All businesses share the aforementioned challenges, including our own. We run our business on our platform, and we stand by it. We understand these challenges and we know how to utilize technology to solve these challenges – so you don’t have to. We believe that building a team of technologists and engineers to plan, build, and agree upon a vision to solve these challenges is an extremely expensive endeavor and shouldn’t be the focus of your business. That’s why we are extending the common and custom solutions to our challenges to other businesses as a service.


We believe in building on the shoulders of giants. We provide solutions that run on virtually any public cloud including Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Azure, and Digital Ocean.


Throughout our extensive experience in IT and service delivery we’ve built up our expertise around these challenges ranging from small start ups to 100 million dollar firms. This has enabled us to become experts in IT Delivery, Application Development, Cloud Management, Application Hosting, and much more.

Using this experience we have developed highly reusable platforms to encapsulate the solutions to these challenges. These platforms are built on top of a highly customizable framework that allows us to rapidly develop, deploy, manage, and monitor solutions hosted anywhere.

Our approach

Results oriented

Our proven process can help get your Devops Project to the finish line

The human element

What's our secret? Great people.

Our team is comprised of ideal team players who are always Hungry, Humble and Smart

Our Core Values

At Zero Ramp Up, our core values are at the heart of everything we do. They guide our actions and decisions and shape our culture. Our core values are:


We take ownership of our work and are self-starters who take responsibility for our actions. We are accountable for our successes and failures and are committed to delivering the best results for our clients.


We are committed to being honest and transparent in all of our interactions with clients, partners, and each other. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and strive to build trust and long-lasting relationships.


We are dedicated to continuous learning and improvement. We constantly strive to improve ourselves and our processes in order to provide the best solutions to our clients.


We are process-driven and believe in the power of well-defined, repeatable processes to deliver consistent results.


We are tenacious and competitive in everything we do. We never give up and are committed to achieving our goals and exceeding our clients' expectations.

Trusted by


Jeff O'Toole

Chief Executive Officer
Jeff oversees the firm’s business operations including sales, marketing, business development, and communications.

Taylor Christie

Chief Product Officer
Taylor leads Product Management, Design, and Marketing functions globally. He is responsible for the core products and features.

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