DevOps Consulting

DevOps Consulting

Whether your infrastructure is on the cloud, on premise or non existent we can help you scale up and build out your DevOps practices to ensure your starting on the right path. As in all software management, best practices are a good start but can lead to inflexible states which can hinder a companies ability to pivot quickly or create a lack compliance. Applying these practices are key to running a reliable system, without them you are prone to system failures, instability, and prolonged downtime which could cost you and your business time and money.

  • Automation of your architecture and application deployments removes human error on highly repetitive tasks and ensures your platforms are always in a good “known” state, this helps to simplify uptime management and reduce instabilities and downtime.

  • Devops teams are hard to build as its a group of people with a very broad array of skills, they take a lot of time and leadership to curate a productive team. At ZRU we have become experts and doing this and can help reduce the pain and cost of doing this on your own.

  • We provide useful and custom monitoring and observability solutions for your application’s unique needs.

Without implementing DevOps in your software development lifecycle You can run into a lot of problems when developing software.

  • Lack of automation making it hard to deploy changes to your applications quickly.

  • Hard for developers to test code and features without significant effort.

  • Platform instability and downtime due to misconfiguration and inconsistencies across environments.

  • Bad monitoring and observability of your application and underlying systems.

  • Poor security due to lack of separation of concerns (Too many :cook:‘s and :cowboy:‘s )

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