Web in a Box

Web in a Box

Need Worry-Free Web Hosting? We have you covered.

Other reseller hosts lack reliability, security, and support. Our web in a box product is designed to scale with your business and simplify your workload. Our hosting platform has been designed from the ground up to fill all the gaps regular web hosting creates.

Generic Reseller Host

Require a web admin to be a sys admin Lack High Availability Lack Monitoring Scaling requires a phone call to customer support Lack robust and effective automated backups No process isolation, shared hosting No performance or resource guarantees Cannot scale down after scaling up (overprovisioned hardware) Offshored support Runs on old and unmaintained infrastructure

Web in a Box

No system administration required (no sshing, etc) Highly Available Fully Monitored Auto Scalable or Manual Scale through our portal Fully automated and on demand backups Fully isolated processes and containerized runtime Full control over resource consumption and guaranteed resources Pay what you use as your product can scale up and down Onshore support access to our ticket system Runs on Kubernetes

Basic Hosting
Sub Title
  • Active Ingress Monitoring
  • Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Automated Infrastructure Support
Business Hosting
Sub Title
  • Everything in Basic Hosting
  • Highly Available NGINX Servers
  • Highly Available PHP Servers
  • Highly Available Sessions through Redis
  • Varnish Cache
Enterprise Hosting
Sub Title
  • Everything in Business Hosting
  • Multi-Cloud Infrastructure
  • Regional Replication
  • Automatic Failover
  • Automatic Disaster Recovery

All Hosting Plans also include the following features

Highly Available Database Automatically Backed Up Database & Files Highly Available and Fault Tolerant File System SFTP Access Free SSL Certificates for your domains Automatically renewed SSL certificates Logically separated files and database with secure connections 24 / 7 /365 Monitoring