Custom Application Development

Custom Application Development

Custom application can be rewarding and profitable for your business but without proper oversight a company can quickly run into a number of costly problems

Using our proven process we’ve effectively delivered custom applications for our clients on time and under budget with all of the business requirements to make the application useful and effective. ZRU has also delivered solutions that leverage existing open source applications and integrations that dramatically reduce overall cost compared to custom application development.

Poorly defined problems and requirements can lead to scope creep, lack of focus, unnecessary development.

Lack of business analysis prevents business requirements from properly translating to technical needs.

Lack of project oversight and management can lead to late deliverables and poorly encapsulated solutions and costly mistakes.

It’s hard to budget without understanding the technical problems and the team’s capacity.

Wrong or too junior of talent leads to inferior code which increases the operational costs and ability to perform change management on the software, causing technical debt. Development mistakes can be expensive to correct, especially if it causes issues with your business.

On going bug fixes and maintenance is always a concern as technology continues to evolve. Legacy codebases and outdated packages inevitably need to be updated, but without proper oversight they rarely are. This leads to tech debt, which creates an application that is hard to update and expensive to maintain.

After the project is completed and documented we can continue to support and enhance your project for the duration of it’s lifecycle. This includes feature additions, bug fixes, upgrades and maintenance.

By utilizing the principals outlined within the Ideal Team Player we have built out a trusted network of developers that which ensures our team members are good fits for each other and our customers.

We have worked on numerous projects and utilize Scrum to manage projects effectively. Our process allows us to accurately estimate and prioritize work based on past projects and experience that continues to allow us to deliver on time and on budget.

We utilize proven enterprise grade software development and architectural patterns to provide robust and maintainable solutions.

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